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Remote Filter Head
  w/ 1.5"- 12 Adapter or
  w/ 1.5"- 16 Adapter
Oil Pump Torque/
Block off Plate


 Chevy remote
 Ford remote
 Ford "FE" Remote


 Chevy block Adapter kit
 Ford block Adapter kit

 Ford "FE" block Adapter kit


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  Welcome to the HY-LUBE systems website. HY-LUBE systems was created like so many other
performance products based companyís in this industry, to fill a void with new and creative after-
market components and technology. After searching out and analyzing all the different types of
hardware we needed to complete many of our own projects we finally decided it would be more cost effective for our customers and us if we just produced our own designs. With this thought process we then asked our self, if our small local client base likes and uses our parts and technology maybe we should see what the rest of the racing world thinks. The next step wasnít to tuff; we created this website with the idea of letting others like yourself look at our components and systems to see how they can benefit your particular application.
  HY-LUBE systems, is the name we chose for our oil handling components. RBL Automotive
Consultants develops, manufactures and markets The HY-LUBE oil handling components, tools and technology for the performance aftermarket.
  Our HY-LUBE wet sump oiling systems are in current use by some of the top NASCAR West Coast competitors. The HY-LUBE remote filtration system is primarily designed for racing applications to allow for external oil system components. We have found our remote filter systems work extremely well on tow vehicles, motor homes and RVís. The tools section or tool for now is another area we hope will take off. Our first offering is the rev kit spring pliers. A neat tool for installing and removing those small diameter springs found in rev kits.
  After working and enjoying 35 plus years as a mechanic, aerospace machinist and performance engine builder I decided it was time to make my mark in an industry that I have derived so much pleasure from. For me, itís all about performance. Create and Enjoy.
                                                                                                                        Bradford Lent

Advanced oil handling systems for racing applications
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